Already Clean

My friend Justin shared a devotion from John 15 with our church board and I was so encouraged by it. He took us to John 15 and the moment when Jesus end his upper room discourse and starts walking to the garden with his disciples.

You probably know the section of Scripture well. He is the vine and the Father is the vinedresser. We bear fruit when we abide, or remain in him and we can nothing apart from Jesus.

This chapter in John is earth shaking good news. But zoom in on verse 3. And hear Jesus speaking to you.

"Already you are clean because of the word that I have spoken to you. Abide in me, and I in you." (John 15:3-4)

Did you get that? YOU ARE ALREADY CLEAN BECAUSE OF THE WORD OF CHRIST. Sorry for the all caps, but some of us need to latch on to this truth anew today.

All that scheming to clean yourself up or those awful sermons you heard about needing to clean yourself up before Jesus would love you are utterly devastated by the words of Christ. Now abide in him, in his love, in his finished work, in his substitution and resurrection for you.

It is so much easier living "clean" when you know you already are. I don't know what secrets you have or what thing in your life you think is too trashy to bring to Christ. I don't know how dirty you feel. But  I do know my secrets and feel fresh the filth. Friend, in Christ, you are clean. You are free.

Smile. This is good news. Now go tell someone else.


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