A Prayer for Gospel Ministry

One year ago this weekend I graduated from Western Seminary. It was the culmination of a great on-campus experience and later learning to balance ministry, family and school. I am so thankful to the people that poured into my life as peers and professors and my life will forever be shaped by their influence.

During the ceremony, Dr. Tom Miles prayed for the graduates. Today he shared the whole prayer on the Transformed blog. Below is an excerpt.

"Our sovereign Lord and Father, we bow before you now as our great God and king. To you alone belong honor and power and glory, for you alone are God. You alone are creator, you alone are savior. And to you alone belong the keys of judgment, and in you is life...

"Father, we have conferred degrees, but it is my prayer for them that these would not be emblems of their own intellect, of their own ability to make their way, but that Father, these would be emblems and reminders of your faithfulness. You were the One who persevered, you were the One who enabled them, you were the One who gifted them. Father, when they see these diplomas, would they remember your kindness, your provision, and your grace...

"I pray, Father, that they would rely upon that gospel, that they would never outgrow it, that they would never get past it, but that they would see Christ, Him crucified, Him risen from the dead, as their only hope. Not just on the day of judgment, but each day. Father, I pray that you would give each of them a hunger for your Word, that they would go to the Bible over and over and over again, desiring to hear from you, because they know that in your Word is hope, and in your Word is life. Lord, it is your Word that tells the story, the wonderful story, of the Lord Jesus Christ.

"And I pray, Father, that they would be quick to pray, always going to you, and that their prayers would be a demonstration of their utter and complete dependence upon you. And Father, hear them, I pray. Hear them when they pray to you. Show yourself to be faithful, as you always have been...

"And Father, I would pray that they would always have a zeal for the gospel, that the gospel would always be on their lips. Whether they are preaching, whether they are teaching, whether they are counseling, whether they are leading youth retreats, or whatever you have called them to do, may the gospel, the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ, be on their lips. I pray, Father, that they would preach the gospel at all times, always using words, to point people to the love and goodness and kindness of the Lord Jesus Christ. And may their deeds be commensurate with those words.

"And now, Father, to you who is able to do immeasurably more than all that we ask or imagine, be with them, and use them. To you be honor and glory forever and ever. This is our prayer, in Jesus’ name, amen."


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