We don't set it all aside enough

It is a quiet morning. For Southern California it is quite cool and overcast. But if you stop and listen you can hear birds chirping and cooing and the things of life carrying on. Not hurried, not anxious or distracted (unless a dog is chasing a lizard) just living.

We rarely experience this in our day. We know that stats, nobody takes the vacation time they earn, calendars are always full and we add thing after distracting thing to our lives to over flowing. And not the good kind of overflow!

Add to this the accessibility of technology and our busyness only increases. We rather not take time off or visit with that real live person, because after all we need to check in on twitter.

Here is to taking a break every now and again. Increasing margin so you can handle important things... like stopping in the middle of writing this to talk to a good friend that stopped by the office. You know you want to. So go ahead, set it all aside for a few minutes and listen to life. To the birds, the rain the wind. Take that break.

It will be worth it. I promise.


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