Faith for the Unfaithful

"According to his critics, Jesus "did God" all wrong. He went to the wrong places, said the wrong things, and worst of all, let just anyone into the kingdom. Jesus scandalized an intimidating, elitist, country-club religion by opening membership in the spiritual life to those who had been denied it. What made people furious was Jesus' "irresponsible" habit of throwing open the doors of his love to the whosoevers, the just-anyones, and the not-a-chancers like you and me... Nothing makes people in the church more angry than grace." - Mike Yaconelli, "Messy Spirituality"

God really does give faith to the unlikely, the ones we don't think should get it. And that is good news, because we re really they. Jesus has thrown the doors of his love wide open, open to all in need of rest. Come.


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