Marriage Dancing

"Hey, Ewen. Do you want to pretend to be married?" Iona asks this morning in the sweetest voice. Of course little brother was having none of it but I listened in, because you can learn a lot about your life by hearing your kids describe it.

"If we are married we can dance..." So went the persuasive argument from a five-year-old to her two-year-old brother. And I know what she meant. The dancing she was thinking about was from our wedding. Thanks for thinking that Stacy and I dance all the time... Iona has been asking quite a bit lately to dance, "like at your wedding!" I think she likes being dipped and spinning around in the air. Which is a lot like our wedding dance!

But what a great reminder today.

I don't date my wife well enough. She is gracious and puts up with me. How many times should we stop everything, slow down and just dance? Just enjoy family, each other and being married.

Life can get busy. Your day is probably packed full of things to accomplish or things to do for your kids. I doubt many of us have "dancing" on the calendar. But what if we did? Just for fun.

Friends, go dance. Enjoy God's gifts of life and others. Spin around and dip when appropriate. I promise you will thank Iona for the idea...


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