Test Our Preaching

"You see, what is not evangelical preaching is the kind of preaching which says to people, 'Now if you live a good life, if you do not commit certain sins and if you do good to others, if you become a church member and attend regularly and are busy and active, you will be a fine Christian and you will go to heaven'. That is the opposite of evangelical preaching, and it is not exposed, therefore, to the charge of antinomianism because it is encouraging good works, and it is not the gospel. So let all of us test our preaching, our conversation, our talk to others about the gospel, by that particular test - does it make a certain clever type of man say, 'I see now the whole position - it does not matter what I do, all is well!'? And if you do not make people say things like that sometimes, if you are not misunderstood and slanderously reported from the standpoint of antinomianism, it is because you do not believe the gospel truly and you do not preach it truly." - D.M. Lloyd-Jones on Romans 3:3-8.

May we preach like Paul and Dr. Lloyd-Jones, the good news of Christ, and may we believe it truly.


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