The Grounds That Have Been Stomped

11064273_1581401702139230_6402230363850808673_n (1)This weekend Stacy and I have been in the Washington State to participate in a wedding of some friends and spend some time connecting with friends we haven't seen in person since moving six months ago.

What a joyous celebration it was to see Damen and Hannah married. I don't think I have counseled two young people more mature in their faith. They get grace and desire to center their marriage on the goodness of Christ. Something they will need to be reminded of and something others around them will see in them.

We also got to laugh and relax with a gaggle of friends that are so dear to us. It is fascinating that in the room three years ago, we all were members of the same church and closely knit together in shared life experience and proximity. Last night I counted five churches represented in the same circle and lives of less proximity but still closely tied to each other.

The jokes don't change much. The big personalities are still big and the insecurities are still the same. But the love, it grows and deepens with each passing year. Here is to many more years of connection, care and gospel endeavor.

The Lord is kind when he gives you enriching community. It is the call of all those that follow Christ, and most often it simply requires knowing each other well and applying the gospel directly to each others foreheads.

I want more of this community, and I hope you do too.


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