Can't Find a Moment's Peace

My study/office is in my garage. A Southern California garage, in Escondido, just far enough from the beach to be hot. So in the afternoons I need to find an air-conditioned space to crank out work, unless I want to sweat profusely and fall asleep. That is the case today.

I left the house after lunch to find a spot to finish up this week's sermon and the usual safe spot at the public library in the neighborhood where the church meets was a madhouse. School is out for summer and there was not a table open where focus might be found. Off to the next stop. Just as crazy. My level of frustration and anxiety about finishing my work so I can enjoy the weekend are increasing by the moment.

Then I land at my neighborhood Starbuck's. Great window seat with a tall table to watch traffic go by and finish this sermon on God making his enemies friends through the work of Jesus. I open the MacBook and read over my notes... and the ladies next to me strategize their next home-schooling year, loud enough for everyone in this shop to have a teaching plan. Ugh!

I text my lovely wife so she can pity me and I can feel better about myself in my complaint. "Cant find a moment's peace" is her response. And it hit. Actually, I think Jesus tapped my forehead. 'I am your peace.' I preach it constantly. I am in the middle of writing a sermon of how we are at peace with God and friends with him, reconciled through Jesus, and I can't find peace!

Truth is, as loud as the world might be, as annoyed as I might get, I have peace - at least peace that matters. And when I see it rightly, when I run after it, the peace extends to my situation. Sometimes God let's the people around us get a little louder, and us to reach our boiling point to remind us that he is our peace and that he loves those loud people too.

The next time you can't find a moment's peace, be reminded of the eternal peace you have in Christ. Rest in that. Share it with the crazies around you.


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