Family Through and Through

For the last week the San Diego Shradars have been enjoying time in Nebraska with my family. Cousins, museums, thunderstorms, the pool, and all this food... It has been a fun week of connecting face to face with my parents and brothers' families and seeing how my hometown keeps on changing.

We worshiped as a family and enjoyed meal after meal together. And even though the volume rises when Shradars are together, there have been quiet moments of rest as well. These people are family through and through and we wouldn't change them (well mostly) for the world.

This trip was also a chance for Iona and Ewen to see their great grandpa who moved into hospice care just yesterday. Ninety-one years of life and love and he is still fascinated by Ewen's name!

We are looking forward to returning home to our dogs, friends and our Grace Church family but this has been a great time of rest.


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