Basis is back

A couple of years ago I wrote a little book to be used in discipleship at our then church. It is an easy and quick read, meant to be consumed in community and point you to nothing other than the gospel.

Today I want to make Basis widely available and free for you to download for reading on your ebook device or app of choice. If you are looking for a guide to talk through with your friend new to the Christian faith, or those interested, check it out. If you realize you always need a reminder of the good news of Jesus and his finished work for you, then take a minute and read. The book includes questions to get you thinking and stir up conversation. It also has some testimonies from those that have been awakened by the goodness of Christ to encourage you in telling your story.

The gospel really is the foundation and the fullness of the Christian faith. Dig in, share it and be free.

Download the free Kindle version here, and the free iBook version here. Or throw 99 cents my way on Amazon.


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