Pray to Know

This Sunday I preached on Romans 8:31-39. It is a pretty amazing text and I was feeling it. It is the inseparable love of God in Christ. It is ours in faith and there is nothing that can get in the way; there is no chance that we would fall out of it. In that love, God protects us, provides for us, and justifies us. It is the glorious gift of grace in the gospel.

In the declaration of the love of God, what I pray the Spirit drives home is a sense of, an experience of, that love. Not in some contrived, human determined way. But in a spiritual, heart-awakening way.

So in a counseling session this evening I challenged a friend to commit to asking for that experience of the union with Christ that is promised in Scripture. Maybe over the next week or few days or longer, you want to pray in this way too. You could pray some iteration of the following:

"God, I believe your Word is true and your promises are sure. Please give me an experiential, emotional, external and real knowledge of your approval and love for me in Christ."

Simple but a prayer I am confident the Lord loves to answer. I wonder what he might do if we pray this way...


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