Slow Running

I am a slow runner. Running is my preferred exercise, I have never been too excited about the gym and I can take my kids on runs with me. But I go really slow.

I suppose I am moving faster than if I was sitting on the couch, but my average time per mile is nowhere near impressive. But I keep adding a few mile here and there hoping to one day be fit as a fiddle.

This morning as I logged a couple miles while on vacation I pondered how my slow running was also an image of my spiritual progress, How sanctification is working in me. I greatly desire to get there faster and I find myself pushing as hard as I can only to breathe heavy and feel strained. It is as if all I can see ahead is hills and more strain. But this morning as I turned around to head back to the lodge I was struck by the beauty of what I had passed. A coastal town and the cliffs on the ocean.

I think growing in Christ can be like that. Some days if seems like we are running hills until we reach infinity. But when we get to the place the Spirit wants us to be, we can see the beauty of it and rest in the slow plodding of sanctification. We can be more intentional about noticing things as we go by and look around as we head up the hills. Who knows, maybe you might notice someone else that needs to be reminded of the beauty of it all and you can run together.

It is your race to run, in super-powered Jesus shoes. Rest as you run and see the beauty.


  1. Thank you for sharing this Jonathan - it is beautiful and exactly what I needed to hear today. I am grateful for your long-distance encouragement!

  2. Thank you for the reminder, Jonathan!

  3. Timely, brother. Thank you!


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