Statistically Significant

Someone once told me that couples that make it to year 8 of marriage are statistically secure; divorce rates plummet after year 8. So today Stacy and I are statistically significant. Eight years ago, the sweetest gal from Dallas, Oregon and I took vows for life and we have been living them out with gusto since.

Six addresses, two dogs, two amazing kids, six jobs, two mortgages, six cars (one scooter), and more meals of Ethiopian food than we can count. God really worked miraculous grace in providing such a wonderful partner for me. Stacy is kind, giving, and funny. She supports my leaning into God's sovereignty with her own resilient trust. She manages the lives of two little cuties and keeps our whole family sane.

You can only imagine what it is like to be married to me! But Stacy does it with grace.

Here is to our forever together.


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