Struck by Wonder


This week I am preaching on a brief doxology. It is a few verses of worship after a long section of difficult doctrine. Paul, having laid out how God works out his mercy and specifically for Israel, pauses to worship. To be struck by the awesomeness and otherness of God. He is struck by wonder.

Paul does that a lot in the New Testament and I find it a helpful example. We go through life, living often in our purpose and plans and we are surprised by grace and the work of God, and then hopefully we have no choice but to worship. Like Moses unable to do anything but fall on his face in God's presence, we are so struck by the wonder of God that we are in awe. Sadly, we get too distracted by our own strategy and desire to gin up experience in the right moment that I think we miss the always and forever wonder of God that is ever-present, waiting for us to respond. We live struck by the occasional vista, quick to snap a photo but invited to dwell in it permanently.

What might it look like for us to be doxological always? To be worshipful, struck by wonder, before Christ at all times? I bet it would be different from the usual worry and work. It would be real rest, energizing for life and just as we were designed to be.

This is what I long for. To be struck by wonder, the wonder of Christ and his amazing gift of salvation, righteousness, empowerment and eternity with him. Little ole' me. Big God. Awe. Interested? Let's go there together. Let's live in the wonder of Christ.


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