Waiting and Wondering


One year ago today Stacy and I were waiting on late planes to bring us to San Diego where we would meet some wonderful people and I would preach to see if the Lord would have us come to Grace Church as a pastor. It was a weekend of wondering what could be.

I don't remember much of the nerves but I do remember the conversations and settings. The hopeful resilience of people that felt battered and worn down by months of difficulty. The hospitality and kindness of strangers attempting to discern if I was the man God was calling to serve the church. The message of Jesus' preeminence and central place in the church and his call to be agents of reconciliation.

One week later these people would show great trust in the Lord and vote to call me as their pastor. It has been quite the year. And as one church member said this week, "one down, 39 to go!"


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