Jesus' Love for Us

We talked about Jesus' love for us this morning at Grace. It was a nice reminder.

Jesus’ love for us. His love is genuine. He calls out sin and clings to the goodness of God, to righteousness that only he can deliver.

His love adopts us into the family, it gives us honor we could never deserve… It gives us his place in the kingdom.

His love is enthusiastic over us. With unflagging zeal he petitions the Father on our behalf constantly.

His love overcomes. There is not a chain that his love can’t break. This love is freedom! This love experienced tribulation so that when we do it covers us.

His love meets our every need.

Jesus’ life for us… The reality is that we were and are the outsiders. Yet Jesus, the God-man, secure in heaven, in glory, extends himself toward us. He comes and lives among us.

Jesus associates with the lowly when the religious are offended. He calls sinners friends. He invites them into his life, into his space.

He does what is honorable, living obediently in our place. Proclaiming truth and calling those far off to life with him.

And while we were still enemies… when he could have avenged himself with fire… he pleads forgiveness for his murderers. He overcomes the evil of death and sin on the cross and in his resurrection.

This is the love and life poured out for you. That at belief in Jesus the depth of this love, the great benefits of it and new life are yours. The Spirit’s empowerment to love others, even enemies is sourced here.

This is the love we abide in… that his joy may be full in us, that we would live from this love.


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