Wondercamping or Wonderliving?

I love this piece on The Outbound Collective about a group of wonder wanderers that are having some amazing fun together. They call it wondercamping.

"It began with weekend trips to the mountains, documenting our adventures together and memories we didn't want to forget. As we ventured outside more and more, we discovered the power in community. We were stepping out of our comfort zones, asking questions, experiencing joy together, and having fun. We found ourselves in moments of wonder, where you have to close our eyes and open them to just to make sure this is real. Most importantly, we were with the people we loved and doing life together."


"We all began to lose track in the wonder of our playing."

Their wonder makes me want to go outside and get it on it as well, but it also points me to the wonderliving those of us in the church are called to. After all, we are on the greatest adventure in awe of the mercies of God and living with purpose in Christ. If you are wondering, yes, community is supposed to look like this, especially with Christ at the center. Let's get to it!


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