The End is Nigh

Whew. That happened fast. 2015 was a blur. A blur of family fun, church healing and purpose, new friendships, school for our oldest, a knocked out tooth for the youngest, and the hope for one more added to the clan.

It has been a year of my own stupidity, sin and brokenness. And more so, it has been a year of God's wave upon wave of grace and relentless faithfulness.

So here I sit. Looking out the window in one of my favorite "offices,' looking out at the sun and palm trees. Reflecting on 2015. Thinking about 2016 and drinking Scotch (which doesn't have to do with anything, I was just thinking about it!) And what I keep coming back to is God's faithfulness.

Over and over again. When it seems right. When it seems applied wrongly. He has been faithful to his promise and his purpose. And because of that, we can rest. We can just sit here. Lean our weary heads on his shoulder and experience his faithfulness.

I want to see this truth more in the year to come. The end of 2015 is nigh. But the end of God's grace never comes... he remains faithful, loving and present. Happy New Year.


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