Something abnormal is happening this week in San Diego. It is raining. For the last two days we have had flash flood watches and some significant rain.

IMG_3791Without a doubt we need the rain. Actually we need snow in the mountains but one usually leads to the other! Years of drought dried land feeling the refreshment of the Godzilla El Nino. But even in our need it is surprising. We have to remember how to drive in rain, we need more than sandals on our feet and we face the dilemma of figuring out what to do inside all day.

Life feels different when you are drenched in rain rather than warmed by the sun. (I realize you may have very different weather and are much more robust that I have become in SoCal, but go with it.) But it is worthwhile because it brings life.

As I pondered our community's reaction to the rain, I wondered about my reaction to the gospel.

Here we are in need (spiritually to have someone save us and cover our sinfulness). But when the solution comes, Jesus on the cross, we are rather surprised. It just doesn't seem to make sense. Then in faith we are called to live different, no longer clinging to what life was like before Christ, along with all the figuring out where to go and what to do.

Like the rain in the sky, being drenched in the gospel is worthwhile because it brings life. Once we taste the refreshment of the gospel though, we never want anything else.

We want to run and jump in puddles of the gospel. We want our hair soaked in the freedom and forgiveness of Jesus. We hope there is nothing else in the forecast! And if we get it rightly, we want to bring some of this water to the brittle, drought suffering people around us.

So here is to physical rain. Quench the thirst of this land. Bring life. And here is to spiritual rain. Quench the soul thirst for being justified before God. Bring life. help us get others wet!


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