Inviting Others to Adventure

Depending how you define adventurous, you might not find that our family meets up to the term. But we try to make the normal things of life an adventure making visits to the park a grand expedition or journeys something more than just a drive. Recently on one of our adventures we were talking about favorite animal when Iona, our six-year-old, asked if her little sister will have seen a panda.

For those of you that don't know, we are in the process of international adoption and are hoping to bring home a little girl from China. We are pursuing adoption because of our spiritual adoption in Christ. Just as we were sought by our Savior, we desire to give a child a forever family.

The question was cute and reasonable. If her little sister is coming from the place where pandas come from, maybe she would see one. We explained to Iona that it was unlikely that sister would see a panda, as she probably will not have that many adventures making it our job to invite her into our adventures.

Since that conversation I have found myself praying that our little girl would have some panda story before we meet her and it has me contemplating how we invite others to adventure.

In life I don't think there is any better adventure than the life of grace that Jesus welcomes us to. Living on purpose, in relationship with our Creator and being exactly who we were meant to be. And it is not meant to be experienced alone. We are better together. So now we have the privilege of inviting others to adventure with us.

Who might you invite to hear how Jesus died in their place to cover their sin and gives them new life in his resurrection? Who needs the rest and adventure of following Jesus? Go ahead and invite them along!



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