Pushing the Button in Time

This week I had the pleasure of being in LA for a taping of Sports Jeopardy. A good friend was a contestant and you can see his performance on Crackle March 16.

IMG_3918The experience was entertaining and confirmed for me that I am more likely to do well on regular Jeopardy over the sports edition! One thing that stood out for me was the importance of pressing the clicker just right to buzz in first. It seemed like everyone was brilliant - they knew their stuff - but the one with the quick finger would win every time.

Certainly this must give us some insight into life! Here we are living, most of us, with significant answers. If you are a Christian you know of salvation, the truth of Christ's work for you and what it means to stand before a perfectly holy God. You know what kind of life you are called to. You can read your purpose right on the pages of the Bible.

But we don't always click in do we? We are intellectually equipped, we know the stuff, but we don't live like we know it. We stay anxious when we are told we have no reason to be anxious. We skip after idols in hopes of fulfillment we know is only found in Jesus. We keep our mouths shut when we know how to share the good news of Jesus.

Here is the thing; failure to click in fast enough or at all will lose you Jeopardy. But if you are a Christian, if you believe in Jesus, failure to click in fast enough when you know the answer or to step out when you hear that you should will not lose you your salvation. The favor and approval you have from God in Christ is not and never will be dependent on your ability to press any button. You see, Jesus clicked in for you. He won final Jeopardy and there are no more questions.

Knowing that, now we can practice. We can learn to click in faster or at all and know we belong to the One that is the reigning Champion and his title is never in jeopardy.

Go live today. Jesus has you.


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