One of my favorite shirts to wear as of late is one that says "No Pressure No Diamonds." It gets noticed and what was simply a 99 cent thrift store purchase is becoming a bit of a mantra for me.

It is not that I am experiencing a season of hardship or any terrible pressure, but a reminder that as someone who follows Jesus, suffering is a biblical guarantee. We are to expect it, but we are not left alone in it and it is not meaningless.

Truth is, I think the things of pressure, the difficult things in life position us to cling all the more tightly to the goodness and provision of Christ. When I have nothing else, he is more than enough. And I think this is right where the Lord wants us, fully dependent on him. In our dependence then, each struggle and pain is securing for us an eternal weight of glory. We are going to shine.

I know that sounds cheesy but I don't care. All of this life will one day fade and glory will be fully revealed. The radiance of Jesus will shine on us and reflect beautifully off of the glorified existence of those that believe in him. We can't imagine it. We can only anticipate it.

So we keep on trusting, relying and being comforted in the Lord's care and purpose. He is making diamonds.

Evidentially the band Hawk Nelson knows something of this too!


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