“Whoever receives his testimony sets his seal to this, that God is true.” (John 3:33 ESV)

John the Baptist, the one leading the way for the Messiah is giving his final words to his followers and he makes clear that he is to decrease for that Jesus can increase.

That Jesus’ message can go forth. That his ministry can usher in the kingdom. Jesus is the One whom utters the words of God and the Spirit pours out.

And for those that believe in him? They set his seal. And he seals them. Forever. This is the change all of humanity had been waiting for. He comes form above, is above all. There are many who don’t receive his testimony, but for those that do, everything changes.

Your belief declares that God is true. His word is powerful. This is the good news for you. You are kept for eternity in Him. As a coheir with Christ, your place is settled. Why not let that sink in.

Today, as you believe in Jesus, you have set your seal. Rest in that.


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