To Know Him

“And this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.” (John 17:3 ESV)

Jesus prays his high priestly prayer asking the Father to glorify him as he brings the Father glory. To unite the followers of Jesus for the life ahead of them. To sanctify them, transforming them into his likeness. That Scripture would be fulfilled and the world would experience the love of God in Jesus.

God has given Jesus authority to give eternal life to all whom he has given him. And this is eternal life — to know the one true God. To know Jesus.

If you randomly asked me on the street what eternal life is, I am not sure this would be my first answer. I might say the end of death… paradise… harps and puffy clouds… a never-ending story of fun! But to know Jesus?

But the Savior makes clear that this is eternal life — it is the way, weight and wholeness of life without end — to know the Triune God. We too quickly pass over this and miss it. But this is the prize of eternity. To know Jesus. To grow in our knowing. To be in awe of what this knowing reveals, forever.

Can you imagine that? Knowing the God of the universe. Not just knowing about him, but knowing him. The eternal eureka moment of life in Christ!

Today eternal life is your as you believe in Jesus. You will know the only true God and the clock won’t tick down on your opportunity to be with him. It will last beyond our ability to comprehend time.

Let this excite you a bit. Let it drive your pursuit of Jesus even now, that we might know him all the more.


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