The Weight of Yo

"It's all about Yo!"

Bill the Elder has me pegged. Every time I mention how I want something, to build my little kingdom, to get my way, to accumulate accolades, "man, it is all about Yo!" His reminder that I am selfish and all about myself. And he is right.

You are the exact same way. But if you are a follower of Jesus, by the Spirit we are to be killing the "Yo." We are to die to our self and war against selfishness. We already have all we need and more in Christ and the cultural lure of looking out for number one is flatly in opposition to the gospel.

It is actually a weight we carry. Like fat, engorged beings too full of the longings of our own will to move far or run a race we are called to. I have days, weeks, maybe even longer like this. So wrapped up in "Yo" that I don't notice the purpose I have been given and certainly don't labor in that direction.

But the better way is illuminated for us. The race has been run and the course set, all we have to do is keep our eyes on the One that has run in our place. As we look to Christ and his disregard for "Yo" in order to sacrifice for people that would never want to face what he did, we are increasingly warmed to the life we are called to and the fat of selfishness melts off. Community is added to the mix to bring us face-to-face with other "Yo" warriors, shoulder to shoulder setting aside our preference our greed for each other because God himself has set aside his rights to claim us.

It is never easy to cast off the weight of "Yo" but it is so good and the Spirit of God is pleased to help, reminding us of Christ's work and perfection for us. When we succeed, when we slip and everywhere in between.

The burden has been lifted. Today, don't put it back on. Tell "Yo" to take a hike. Run after Jesus.


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