To Really Trust


It is an interesting time of life. As a family we are coming close to "gotcha day" for our daughter Adia. The process has been an expensive one and without the generosity of others there is no way we could have made it happen. As a result I hind myself contemplating ways of saving, paying off debt or winning big by putting it all on black! So at home, and specifically when it comes to the family checkbook, I am learning more than ever to trust in Christ's provision to keep us and make us to flourish as he has determined.

Then there is church life. Nearly two years into pastoring a wonderful group of people we see finances stable and direction more clear everyday. But this summer we have three key families that are moving out of San Diego (for a church of 100 people, three families is huge!) and I have been finding myself wondering where to put my trust. It is so easy to fall into strategy mode and come up with solutions or think that we need to do "this" or "that" different or better. But then I step back and realize the Lord is teaching me to trust. To really trust him.

As I study the letter to the church in Laodicea in Revelation 3:14-22, I recognize myself in that church. Self-sufficient, resourced and in my own mind without need. As if I can handle it all! Then I hear Jesus say, be zealous and repent! "Trust in me and I will give you what you need."

This is really the Christian life friends. The life of trust. We truly are economically and physically affluent. Let's not kid ourselves about the extravagance in our lives just because our neighbor has a different kind of extravagance. But we are deeply and truly spiritually needy. The cars I own, the degree I paid for, the dashing good looks that I am a proud owner of won't win for me squat when it comes to the perfect standard of standing before God. But alas, there is One who has sees us in our need and pays the debt, he covers us and gives us fine garments of his righteousness. And because of that truth, we can trust in him to care for us, give us purpose and a path.

Where are you needing to trust today? Start from the place of trusting that when Jesus said it is finished, it really was, then let the trustworthy king take care of the rest for you. Lean in. Believe, ask, and abide in his goodness for you. Have hope in him alone.

I think that I what I want, how I want to live. Maybe you do too. Let's go!


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