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Few Minutes of Fantastic News Episode 44

In Christ the church and you have all the gifts you need for life, and he will sustain you until the end. This is fantastic news. [embed][/embed]

Preaching to Taste the Richness of Christ

David Prior in his commentary on 1 Corinthians highlights that Paul, while ministering in Corinth, proclaimed the 'unsearchable riches of Christ' so that those sitting under his preaching for the year and a half he was there increasingly cherished the richness of their "inheritance as children of God." He goes on to present two points we can glean about preaching: "First, the privilege and the responsibility of the preacher is to uncover and explain all that is ours in Christ; secondly, bare preaching is not adequate - it must be confirmed (more literally 'secured') in the lives of the hearers, and that requires the work of God's Spirit, bringing conviction, illumination and faith." Here is to all the inadequate men who will explain to the church all we have in Christ, and may the Spirit move among us!

True Strength

"True strength comes from Jesus living in us and that is most magnified when we are weak and needy for Him. Christ's presence is most cultivated in us when we embrace the reality of our weakness, sinfulness, brokenness, and humanity. In Christ, we find true strength, not despite our weakness, but in our weakness . A courageous pastor embraces his weakness and finds divine strength." - Brian Croft, Biblical Church Revitalization . Croft here is encouraging the pastor to live in this way but I think it goes for all of us, pastor or not. May we find this true strength.

Few Minutes of Fantastic News Episode 43

Jesus' death and resurrection are our center and power in life. Live it. [embed][/embed]

God's Power to Revitalize

“Churches that desire true spiritual life in their church  must seek it from God. God has revealed in and through His word where that lasting power and life comes from. It comes when we cry out to God in prayer to move and we preach the only divine word that breathes life in the church. It comes when the gospel is not just preached and made known, but its truths permeate every crevice and corner of the church. It comes not through the most gifted pastor, but through a faithful one who leads and functions in his daily ministry as if he will give an account for souls, not large crowds or fancy buildings. Go is able to breathe life into any dying and divided church. The question is whether God’s people trust He is powerful enough to do it His way - and will follow His plan.” -Brian Croft, Biblical Church Revitalization.

Do the Steps Count if Not Recorded?

I am fat. No really, thanks for thinking I am just big boned or husky. I am self-aware enough to know that I have an extra 20-30 lbs. hanging around... my midsection. So for Father's Day the family got me a Fitbit. Because honestly there is nothing better than being fat and knowing exactly how inactive you are! Well I am kind of active I just like to eat really bad things and drink really good beer, but that is besides the point. For several weeks I have been tracking not only my steps and meals, but my exercise and sleep. I am learning so much about myself and it is really is motivating me to move more. But just yesterday I went for a run and midway through noticed something was tragically wrong. It wasn't that I strained some vital leg muscle (which I did) but it was that my Fitbit wasn't on my arm. I had taken it off to apply the spray sun block and forgot to put back on the instrument that proved I was moving. As I ran, more like hobbled, I found myself contemplate the

Few Minutes of Fantastic News Episode 42

As things get crazy and there are many uncertainties in our day, we have a Savior we can look to for help and hope. Look to Jesus! [embed][/embed]

The Refreshing Breeze of Christ

Depending on where you sit this week you might catch a different breeze from one pressing issue of our day to another. But hopefully in the midst of the chaos and uncertainty we can catch the refreshing breeze of God's providential care and gracious work for us. My friend Phil has had a hard week. His son has been in the ICU and there have been many unknowns. Today he son is starting to wake up after two surgeries and we rejoice. In the midst  of it all Phil sent me this rhyme as a reminder of grace... I thought you might enjoy it. ........taking a break, just barely awake, seeing what grace & truth make, all our sins does Jesus take, for our souls' sake, let us celebrate & create a cake, we ain't going to Sulfur Lake, Joy & Peace our Saviour does bake, once again "unashamed & nake nake", ....all the earth shall quake, Serpent smashed with a rake, relieved finally of every ache, it's all jake.... This is all I can take. Thanks for the r

Love that goes on and on

It has been a tough week, in our nation, in the lives of those we love. We don't fully know how to respond... We grieve, we remain present, we pray.  And we turn to the love of Christ. The answer for our times and our hearts. May Jesus reign and pour out his love on us.