Do the Steps Count if Not Recorded?

I am fat. No really, thanks for thinking I am just big boned or husky. I am self-aware enough to know that I have an extra 20-30 lbs. hanging around... my midsection. So for Father's Day the family got me a Fitbit. Because honestly there is nothing better than being fat and knowing exactly how inactive you are! Well I am kind of active I just like to eat really bad things and drink really good beer, but that is besides the point.

For several weeks I have been tracking not only my steps and meals, but my exercise and sleep. I am learning so much about myself and it is really is motivating me to move more. But just yesterday I went for a run and midway through noticed something was tragically wrong. It wasn't that I strained some vital leg muscle (which I did) but it was that my Fitbit wasn't on my arm. I had taken it off to apply the spray sun block and forgot to put back on the instrument that proved I was moving.

As I ran, more like hobbled, I found myself contemplate the question 'do these steps even count if they are not recorded?' How silly right?! If taking steps is all about health, it is the taking of the steps that matters not the record of them. If I could get healthy just by a Fitbit's record I would swing my arm constantly while eating a snack in front of the TV late at night (which I may do). Even in this knowledge I was confounded that no one would know I took these steps.

Then the gentle laughter of God comes into the mix and I realize this silliness with the Fitbit is how I often live out my trust in and obedience before God. I love to talk the talk and perform as long as it will be noticed. I like my offering to make a loud noise, ring the bell and notice how good I am.

The good news is that even while I am such a dork, Jesus has handled the need for the record. He recorded in himself all the steps that were need to bring us to God and lends even more, unfathomable number of steps to carry us all the way home. He has freed me to trust in him and become obedient to his Word and way not so I will be noticed but so that I can bring him glory.

I want to live more under the life-altering awareness of his record and liberty we are given to be unnoticed as we walk with Jesus. Of course, now that I told you about it, it is on the record!

Here is to living, to running, looking to Jesus and his finished race for us. Let's make noise about that cruciform and resurrecting work that others might run with us.


  1. Amen, brother. How my heart desires to be noticed far too often. He should be noticed, He alone.


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