Preaching to Taste the Richness of Christ

David Prior in his commentary on 1 Corinthians highlights that Paul, while ministering in Corinth, proclaimed the 'unsearchable riches of Christ' so that those sitting under his preaching for the year and a half he was there increasingly cherished the richness of their "inheritance as children of God."

He goes on to present two points we can glean about preaching:

"First, the privilege and the responsibility of the preacher is to uncover and explain all that is ours in Christ; secondly, bare preaching is not adequate - it must be confirmed (more literally 'secured') in the lives of the hearers, and that requires the work of God's Spirit, bringing conviction, illumination and faith."

Here is to all the inadequate men who will explain to the church all we have in Christ, and may the Spirit move among us!


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