The Refreshing Breeze of Christ


Depending on where you sit this week you might catch a different breeze from one pressing issue of our day to another. But hopefully in the midst of the chaos and uncertainty we can catch the refreshing breeze of God's providential care and gracious work for us.

My friend Phil has had a hard week. His son has been in the ICU and there have been many unknowns. Today he son is starting to wake up after two surgeries and we rejoice. In the midst  of it all Phil sent me this rhyme as a reminder of grace... I thought you might enjoy it.

........taking a break, just barely awake, seeing what grace & truth make, all our sins does Jesus take, for our souls' sake, let us celebrate & create a cake, we ain't going to Sulfur Lake, Joy & Peace our Saviour does bake, once again "unashamed & nake nake",
....all the earth shall quake,
Serpent smashed with a rake, relieved finally of every ache, it's all jake....

This is all I can take.

Thanks for the reminder Phil and keep pressing in!


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