Lean In To Listen

The last three weeks of life have been a lot of frustration. Not with work or people or even the adoption process that has us heading next week to pick up our daughter. No my frustration has been solely sourced in my ear. The ear that will probably burst and flow forth blood and fluid as the pressure of a few international flights builds, but now remains unmotivated and filled with something that is bringing my hearing down and distracting the heck out of me.

A few weeks ago I had a nasty head cold and sore throat that developed into an ear infection. The membrane protecting the ear drum full of puss and fluid and blood, it was a rather painful experience with antibiotics have corrected (as least as far as infection is concerned - so I am told by the crack medical team that loves to take my money!) There have been sleepless nights, dizziness, and a lot of frustration that I am not back to normal.

Of course I have been letting God know what I think about it all. And I have been asking what he is teaching me - either about staying healthy or relying on him, probably both things. For some reason, I am meant to continue suffering, as long as I keep a needle away from my ear!

In this suffering, however mild it is, I have noticed that I have been listening different. In fact I have to move my head to hear just right, I have to pay close attention and I have to lean in to listen. This has given me some insight on how lazy of a listener I am when I am "healthy." I tend to hear things before they are being said or listen past people and certainly God's Word.

So maybe this isn't so bad (trying to convince myself) and I will learn to be a better, more intentional listener through the process. One can only hope!

Here is to leaning in to listen to what God has for us, what those we love communicate and how we can serve our neighbors and those far off. Lord open our Spiritual ears to hear you and to hear each other...


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