Vacation Mode

I have been joking the last couple of weeks about Stacy's and my trip to China to bring home our daughter saying it was a vacation. It is true to a point. I am using vacation time to be away. But it really isn't about relaxation and getting away, there is significant purpose.

It all has me thinking about invitations to slow down and change perspective that we too often ignore or refuse. We have better things to do, we are convinced. How will we achieve our goals if we rest?! How can I be the best it I am not moving, hustling..?

Maybe we need to say yes to more of these invitations. Set different goals. Slow down. Look around. Be amazed. 

I promise to do so, even on this journey of family growth and adoption. We shall laugh when we can. See many new things. Cry if we need to. And wonder all the more at God's amazing care for us. 

If you need it, I give you permission to go on vacation!


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