Life in the Trudge

"Trudge: to walk slowly and with heavy steps...."

We are inundated with messages. Who to vote for. How to think. What holidays to celebrate. Blah, blah, blah. Given the immensity of the noise, I have figured I was okay not adding to it a bunch. So I have been a bad blogger. A post a month? Why would anyone read that or pay attention with such random frequency.

Truth is that life right now is exceedingly good, but it is a trudge. Full schedules, sick kids, real life hurts in those we care for, shepherding God's people, figuring out the future... blah, blah, blah. So I have been walking slowly with heavy steps!

In all of it however I am learning anew to trust Jesus. How can I not given his faithfulness to this point?! It has been a source of peace, direction and passion. Trusting Jesus, even in the craziness of our time is worthwhile, and it is good.

So whatever your trudge; however bad the options at the polls, however good or bad the news. Live life trusting Jesus. Trusting his claim over you, his work for you. Rejoice and keep trudging on.


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