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Who would have dreamed

The wonder of Christmas. That God would save people by coming himself into our mess and taking on our burden. May we sense more of the wonder this year.

Marriage and the Mystery of the Gospel

I have just finished this brief but beautiful book on the the biblical theology of marriage and how we can look at it as more than a mere institution but something meant to convey so much more than what we typically settle for. This is an important topic and not because of political realities at play but because the church is called to live in response to the gospel letting our marriages point back to it. Ray Ortlund Jr. is responsible for this entry into Crossway's Short Studies in Biblical Theology series and as can be expected from Ray it is wise, direct and full of the grace of the gospel. Marriage and the Mystery of the Gospel  is a journey through the Bible, seeing marriage as presented in Genesis, Law, Wisdom and Prophetic books and in the New Testament. All along the way Ortlund makes clear how God's love for his people is artistically foreshadowed and a mystery revealed in marriage. Because Christ worked to save and claim his bride, the church, we have a picture of ho

Pastoral Weakness Saved My Life

It has been a fairly typical morning. I woke early to get prepared for the day and head off to a Bible study with a few men in the church. But as I stood looking in the mirror, ready to shave off the stubble of another long day before, I heard the faint but penetrating accusation. "You don't have what it takes. The church hasn't grown at all. None of your 'disciples' are making progress. You are too weak to be in ministry, you should just give up..." I have heard it before. The dull hum of inadequacy as I watch other churches flourish and I present a meager budget to our little replant of a church wondering if the vision will hold out until we reach that elusive and hoped for five-year mark. Where my personality wants to cite my resume and latches on to the positive comments I receive for my preaching or likability. When the numbers just don't match the church growth models. Do I have what it takes to pastor? The answer friends is no. So I stare back into


Recently I had a new friend ask me if any of my recent sermons we "gospel-centered." I internally chuckled and verbally responded that I think at least one of them is. Of course I hope all of my sermons highlight and show how the gospel is revealed in all of Scripture because frankly it "ain't preachin' if it ain't Jesus." I probably come up short regularly but to proclaim the biblical gospel is the goal each and every time I am in the pulpit. It also happens to be my goal in writing as well. To that end I am excited to be part of a new online commentary that will help all of us discover the thread of the gospel in the whole of the Bible. GospelThread is an endeavor that desires to put helpful, concise, Jesus exalting commentary right where you spend most of your days anyway, the internet. Today they introduced me as a contributor  and I hope you might follow along and see the thread for yourself in Scripture. You can read about it here . Subscribe to t