I went to Disneyland

img_5995"Sorry for the one day delay, I took the family to Disneyland." It is now Wednesday and while Monday was a holiday, I added an extra day so I could take the family on the fulfillment of the kids' Christmas present and this was the line I just sent in a work email.

One of my routine tasks was pushed back by a day. Nothing earth shattering just a normal errand I have to run each week. And instead of submitting it right on time, I made the adventure the priority and there are no regrets.

I wonder how much dies to the responsibility of our routine tasks. Now certainly there are things that might be life and death, or solid commitments that can't be missed, but I mean the things that can wait a minute. Those that can be trumped by something of greater priority when we have our priorities right.

My suggestion is that you survey the day, find what is important and do it, a one day delay usually won't ruin you.


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