Worried we will miss something

This morning's breakfast gave my daughter and I a window view of people scurrying to get to Disneyland before it opens for the day. This makes total sense. They have paid a lot for the experience and want to squeeze everything they can into the day.

This makes me realize though how we live with a crippling fear that we are going to miss something. 

We sign up for everything we can, we pack the calendar, we wait for the last minute invitation hoping it will come, and we live with the constant hum of anxiety that life will pass us by if we miss one single thing.

It might express itself uniquely in each of us, but we live to not miss out and we are worried we will.

What if there is a better way? Of being in the moment, every moment, just as you are. Trusting you won't miss what is meant for you. Experiencing more of life because you don't live so freaked out that you missed it. 

It's a long road, I suppose, to that life. But I think it starts will faith in Jesus. That he has secured eternal life, scripts your scenes and gives you every experience he desires to shine through you in. 

Let go of your worry of missing out today, trust Jesus and live more. 


  1. Love it. Today's Jesus Calling entry says to let go of the sister sins of worry and obsession about life through trust and thankfulness. Then we miss out on nothing because everything we have we are thankful for and He is Sovereign in every minute of our lives.


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