Surrendering Vision

Vision, vision, vision! Hang out with church leaders long enough and you will encounter the vision monster often. 

We throw around out-of-context Scripture to prove how we are perishing without new vision and too often succumbed to comments warning of a lack of vision when people actually mean a lack of action that tickles their fancy. 

Sure we can communicate better, with more repetition and refine vision so it is understandable. But let's not for a second think our strategy is what will build the church, unless it is not a church we are building but just a crowd...

This morning I came across this truth from Alan Scott a pastor in Northern Ireland. "As a leader you don't SET the vision for your Church; you SURRENDER to His vision for His Church." 

This is the real way of vision in the Christian church. Surrendering our weak and manufactured "vision" for that of Jesus. For the discipling of his people for his glory. 

Let's be careful where we source and give credit to vision. Let's surrender to Christ's and trust him. 


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