The Bible as Straight Iron

In the bathroom I share with a certain person that will remain nameless, there is a straightening iron. Obviously I don't use any such device (since I am bald) but evidentially it comes in handy when you get a shorter haircut and your hair wants to lay the opposite way than what is desired. It retrains the hair with heat to straighten. 

What amazing technology... 

As I noticed the iron it made me think of my daily need to be shaped myself - spiritually. Like the misbehaving hair, my natural inclination is to lean the wrong way, to see myself as king and plot my course on my whims and skewed perspectives rather than truth. When I wake up each morning, I am the first thing I think about, self-indulgence, self-satisfation and even the failure of self. I am consistently in need of something better. To be formed by a different word, a truer and better word. 

To the word I go. The Bible declares the gospel on every page, the need for salvation, the provision of grace and the glory of Christ. It gives real wisdom, perfect hope and what it says of me in Christ defines who I am and where I am headed. It is my straightening iron. 

There are other irons too, like other believers that preach the gospel to me in conversation, text and in tweets. But this fountain of refreshment, of wave upon wave of grace that is the Bible is my anchor. It is where we meet the real Jesus and where he meets us. 

To hear of God's love for us, that Christ secures our righteousness through his sacrifice and empowers us by the Spirit. To hear of our approval in and union with Jesus. This is how the hair is meant to fall. And over time, by the Spirit it becomes more natural. We become what we were designed to be. And we keep going back to the well because there are everlasting joys there. There is nutrition, provision and purpose in this word. 

Run to it today. Hear the gospel proclamation of no condemnation for those in Christ. Let's Jesus' word dwell in you richly (actually make its home in you.) Be shaped, formed and transformed by the word of God. Then share its cool water with those that have been parched by the lies of self, share the cup as you drink deeply of Christ's grace. 


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