Where I Want to Be And How Far It Is

"The gospel is enough."

Really. Enough. Not deficient in extras or trappings of success, privilege or anything else my fickle hearts thinks I "need" at any given moment. The freedom, forgiveness, and purpose won at the cross by Christ for me.

Hang me out to dry as long as I have this, the gospel of grace, and I am good.  I don't need a big church, laser lights, a youth group, a handsome pastor, the perfect Instagram page, obedient children, a starter home, two months of vacation, a slim waistline, friends that match my preferences, a winning lottery ticket, or the reclaimed vitality of my youth. The gospel is enough, more than enough, more than I could ever deserve or even keep. And it is all free in Jesus. Full stop. Enough.

That is where I want to be. The gospel being enough.

But I wake up every morning with more on my mind. How I will finally be fulfilled if X happens. How my children will flourish in environment X versus Y. How my marriage would be better if X. Fill in your own blanks, your own situation. And maybe these are a little true, except the being fulfilled part. Because there is only one filling that works, that lasts, that is enough.

It is so far. The gospel as enough.

But the Holy Spirit doesn't trifle. The blood of Christ is not ill-equipped. The providence of God does not take a break. Each day there is the matching invitation back to the gospel as enough. The reminder of God's love lived through Christ and experienced with him as our substitute in death that we might live. The empowerment of the Spirit to be filled with the gospel and have it flow out of our lives.

The gospel is enough. No matter how funny I get, how forgetful. And the word declares nothing else. May the wind of the Spirit blow powerfully in us today, to taste the enoughness of the gospel that we would believe and live.



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