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Sola Dynamis

In my corner of Christianity these days you can't swing a cat without hitting a sermon series on the Solas of the Reformation. And I like it. It is timely as we are a week off of the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther asking ninety-five questions that would right the trajectory of the church. A turn back to Jesus. To his grace, the majesty of the gospel for salvation. From the positions, writing, and preaching of the Reformers, we get the five Solas. A biblical rebuttal to the justification by works embraced by the Roman Catholic Church. These truths are: Sola Fide , by faith alone. Justification, being made right with God is by grace through faith alone in Christ and his work. Sola Scriptura , by Scripture alone. Scripture, as the divine revelation of God, alone makes clear what is necessary for salvation. Solus Christus , through Christ alone. Our salvation is accomplished through the mediatorial work of Jesus alone - none of our own, or anyone else's (Pope), just Jesus. Sola

When the Heat Turns Up

It is October in San Diego, so of course, that means we should expect triple-digit temperatures. While the rest of the country is dusting off the flannel and sipping Pumpkin Spiced Lattes by the fire, we live through the scorching Santa Ana winds and whatever mess they blow in. When the heat turns up it is vital that you stay in the shade! Sound logical right, flee the oppression of the sun by blocking it with something that protects you. So that is what we do. Either huddled inside our air-conditioned homes or hidden in a shady corner of paradise we take it easy in the shade. This is not at all unlike the life of the Christian and I want to take this opportunity to encourage you to stay in the "shade" of Christ's finished work. It really is the only place of refreshment and safety. It is also the only place of growth and experiencing the life you were meant to live! It can be hard for some of us. When the "heat" of life seems cranked a bit high, we imagine we h