In the Mess He Has You

It is a crazy time. Shootings. Abuse. Angst against the unknown. Contentment in a sea awash with American commercialism. It is enough to drive you crazy, and by you I mean me!

This morning I was feeling the slush of all the crud and was preparing myself to become a Desert Father and hide away in a cave in the wilderness... but alas Jesus has put us where he desires, in the mess he has us, and gives us purpose.

At the same time that I am wrestling with said placement I hear of believers in Nepal who spent four days walking and two days in a bus in order to attend a conference to hear the gospel. That puts my enneagram "romantic" desire for more in glaring perspective.

But the Lord doesn't use these examples or subtle reminders to guilt us. After all there is now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. But he uses such examples of faithfulness and even the guttural angst in the routine to remind us that he has placed us here, as outposts of his grace and love.

Jesus has you where he does, maybe on the way to somewhere else, on purpose. To grow you, care for you, challenge you, and use you to make much of him. Be free today in the midst of the mess to rest in his finished work for you. And share it with someone else.


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