Me Like A Bird

We love our home in South Escondido. We don't own our home but we feel settled here and a big part of the love is the birdsong so prevalent here. We have all sort of birds, looking out the window we have a hummingbird nest in a front yard tree as well as a finch nest near our door. The doves, mockingbirds, blue jays and even the screech of lizards acting like birds all join together to make you feel like you live in an aviary!

This morning as I contemplate the purpose of God in setting our places and seasons, one encounter with a bird in our house makes me realize how I usually approach his plan.

We often leave our patio door - into the dining room - open. It is easier for the dogs to come and go as they wish and we love the fresh air, which living in Southern California we have year round! This particular morning, some weeks ago, I heard rustling coming from the dining room. As I investigated, I saw a blue bird had somehow flown into the room and was as the bay of windows in the front of the room trying to fly free - through the window.

He was even panting from the the exhaustion of aggressive flapping with no result. So I gingerly approached the bird trying to figure out how to get it to move the 15 feet to the back of the room where the open door was. I moved the shades out of the way to remove any obstacle but the bird still thought his freedom was found through the glass not the opposite way.

I didn't want to grab the bird, probably because I was a little freaked and scared I would harm it. So instead I went outside, to the other side of the window with the plan to startle the bird to fly the other way.

As I made my way to the window in our front yard, another blue bird was on a branch near the window loudly cheering on its friend. I assured the bird I meant no harm and was trying to help! Then I approached the trapped bird from the other side of the glass and tried to scare it.

It worked. The bird flew away from me and through the open door.

I felt accomplished and like a friend of the animals in that moment.

Now, like the bird, how often have I been trapped up against some glass, assuming it was my path but ending up exhausted. Usually it is me running from God when he has opened the door I am meant to travel through and thankfully he does what it takes to get me back to soaring. Oh how I need to look more to him as he guides and cares for me.

I wonder if you ever find yourself up against the glass? You are there in order that you might seek God. Look to him, see how he pursues you in Jesus and follow him. You will catch your breath and fly just like you were meant to.


  1. Love this analogy/life lesson! Thank you for the reminder, Jonathan


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