Worthwhile - November 30, 2018

Each week I read or encounter a number of things that are worthwhile and I want to get in the habit of sharing them with you. Below are things of worth from the recent weeks. 

There has been a lot of talk since Thanksgiving about the death of John Chau, a missionary killed trying to engage with an unreached people group. The conversation has raised some important questions about taking the name of Jesus to those who haven't heard and the waning zeal of professing Christians to evangelize. Garrett Kell shares a worthwhile perspective here. Tim Challies also gives key points to keep in mind along with a poem to give us perspective, read him here.  

Advent is not all egg-nog and yuletide cheer. It can be a difficult time for many and in the church, we need to have clear eyes to see this reality and care for one another in the midst of it. Zach Eswine has a post about preaching lament at Advent that is helpful to preachers and the rest of us as well. Read that here

Finally this week, when it comes to living fully in our day it helps to understand our context and the deeper levels of thinking and culture we swim in. This Cultural Moment is a podcast from John Mark Comer and Mark Sayers full of insight and worthwhile perspective. Check it out on your podcast app or here


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