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Worthwhile February 1, 2019

Most of the country is freezing and in San Diego, we are bundling up because it was 60 yesterday with rain... What a time to be alive! This week a few items to check out and be reminded of Christ's love for you. GospelThread is a great resource for accessible commentary on Scripture and how it points to Christ. In this post , we see Moses as incomplete as a leader and Jesus as the better prophet, priest, and king. Jared Wilson , as usual, encourages us to keep our eyes on Jesus as we walk out our faith. We can get so wrapped up in "duty" that we miss the delight of Jesus. Look to him . And finally a sermon from Terry Virgo on having Transformed Thinking. Just making my way through and so appreciate this humble servant. Oh, and I want more transformed thinking! Have a great weekend and keep looking to Christ!

Reclaiming a Biblical Pattern of Worship?

Last week Andrew Wilson's latest book on the merger of eucharistic and charismatic worship landed in the mailbox and I think it presents a clear, if brief, argument for a wise way or pursuing a biblical expression of the church. Wilson, well known to those in the "Reformed" and continuationist camp (holding to more Calvinistic theology and the belief that the miraculous gifting of the Holy Spirit continues today), invites the church to go both deeper and higher in a way that sounds nearly unfeasible but is actually quite intriguing. Spirit and Sacrament is a "theological vision for the church that treasures all of God's gifts, the eucharistic and charismatic, beginning with charis (grace) and culminating in chara (joy)." Marrying the passion of the church for the sacraments (communion, baptism as examples) along with historic creeds and prayers of the church with "low church" expressions where the gifts of the Spirit are passionately pursued. G