Worthwhile February 15, 2019

Do you have a Valentine's Day hangover? Feeling loved and noticed or lonely and hopeless? At either end of the emotional spectrum, and in every spot along the way, the love of God is poured upon your heart by the Spirit (Rom. 5), may you feel that today as you trust in Jesus for all of life.

A few items to share this week that could all be filed under false teaching/ heresy. Each informing us toward clarity and clinging more tightly to the biblical gospel of grace.

Jared Wilson has an article on For The Church where he outlines key differences between biblical Christianity and Mormonism. While the recent tactic of this man-centered religion is to claim being Christian, their doctrinal beliefs makes that an impossibility.

Wilson gives a good starting point to recognize the difference and still love Mormons with the hope of Christ.

From the vault, as recent as December, Christianity Today highlights some new research that points out the link between pursuing "health and wealth" spirituality and actually feeling worse about life. This is the false gospel that says God wants you to be rich and without problems. It ignores so much of the hope found in the New Testament in trusting Jesus through troubles and usually has a swindler telling you God will heal you if you "plant a faith seed of $1000..."

New research suggests that Americans with poor physical health and low socioeconomic status are particularly inclined to look to the Bible for insights into attaining “health and wealth”— an aspect of prosperity gospel teaching—even though doing so often ends up making them feel worse.

God still heals, but you can't buy it and when he does it is for his glory. Read more on the research here.

And to close us out this week, a new video clip from the Gospel Coalition with Francis Chan sharing why the Prosperity Gospel is unhealthy.



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