Worthwhile:March 22, 2019

Well Spring has sprung and March Madness has kicked off. How is your bracket?!

Today I am looking forward to attending the Valued Conference here in San Diego. It is for equipping the church to prevent sexual abuse and help heal where it has happened. Fathom Magazine has a nice piece about the conference and I am hoping to share reflections afterward.

A couple of items this week to enrich you and send you into the weekend. First on church membership (a favorite topic of mine and timely given last week's sermon on Awkward Community). Then some reasons to desire and seek the spiritual gifts... Word and Spirit all day over here!

The fine folks at Saturate want to equip the church to be the deepest of communities on mission where ever we are. So Nathan Cedarland invites us to see community from a new angle in the first of his posts on church membership.

I think he is tackling some important questions and will be an encouragement to you.

What does it mean to belong to a local church? Some Christians argue that if they are already members of the Universal Church then becoming a member of a local church is unnecessary or even unbiblical. On the flip side, there are some churches which seem to handle membership as an excessively complicated administrative procedure. Are our convictions about the church being a family on mission compatible with official church membership? Does our heavy emphasis on relationship make a formal membership process unnecessary or even counterproductive to the organic Spirit-led community we seek? Is there another angle on this that we’re missing? And why does it matter?

Next up is a post on Desiring God from five years ago that is as timely as ever. Bryan DeWire compiles 10 Reasons to Desire All the Spiritual Gifts. I found this helpful as I am preparing to preach on the gifts this Sunday and we want to be a church that zealously desires the gifts.

Mostly because its biblical, and because we on the road to maturity and mission we need the power of the Spirit. Check for yourself.

That's it. Have a wonderful weekend and may you see Jesus as you seek him today and always!


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