Worthwhile: May 17, 2019

Friyay! The weekend is upon us and the season we enjoy called summer is quickly approaching. School graduations, last days, and Memorial Day are near... but we press on.

This week a worldly perspective of masculinity, mid-life crisis, and the family feel of a small church. Get some.

From the New York Times magazine last week is this story of a cultural perspective of masculinity. While the conclusions, or rather assumptions, the author presents are probably off, the storytelling is engaging.

We have a long way to go in gaining healthy views on masculinity but a refusal of ownership for one's life is not a starting point. Be a man of your word, love those around you, care for your children.

Next up, I am forty-one and a half at this very moment. That is the same age as John Piper as he suffered what we might call a mid-life crisis. I don't have any crisis, I won't buy a motorcycle, quit my job, or leave my wife, but I did resonate with some of the feelings Pastor John shares.

Unfulfilled dreams, missed opportunities. There is some good perspective here. And there is much the Lord will use in this season of life if you find yourself in it. Read on.

Lastly some good news for small churches, if people are engaged. Smaller organizations usually mean a higher percentage of engagement. For a church that means the smaller we are the more likely everyone will have a role and be part of the ministry.

It is true and as my pastoral progression has gone from large church to small church I have seen the personal discipleship fruit of such a situation. The key is, engage. Wherever you are plug in and serve. Open your life to others and walk this Christian journey together. Read more from Karl Vaters.

And if you live in San Diego and are looking for a small church to do that with, I know one!


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