My Grudge is All I Have

This week I am struck afresh by the call of believers to pursue reconciliation. Now we are not given a task by God to earn salvation or even an increased measure of favor, but rather because we have first been reconciled. We love because we have been loved.

It is a glorious order of operation for all of life. We are free to live with mercy, grace, and a starkly unique care for others, no matter how far from deserving it they are. All because we were further from it than them yet Christ loved us and gave himself up for us.

Still it is a regular occurrence that I want to cling to my displeasure with people over the invitation to surrender that to Jesus. Living days on end like my grudge is all I have to hold onto. To that tendency Jesus gently reminds us through his word and the community of believers that he is what we have to hold onto and he is far better than any grudge or revenge I could cook up.

When I want to "get even" the Spirit says that Jesus already has, he has balanced the scales for our good and his glory.

Now we walk that out. Living to build bridges. To love the least. To love the unlovely. Because we have been loved. Because we have been reconciled. Because we have been brought in.

Let's go.


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