Worthwhile October 11, 2019

What a week it has been! The U.S. political landscape is a minefield of really poor choices, and the NBA unsurprisingly has no backbone that a few billion can't break. So we are desperately in need of something worthwhile to read and be reminded of. Even Ellen Degeneres can't be friendly with anyone...

Going further back for good memories, five years ago this week our family minivan burned to a crisp while the shop working on it caught fire. And Stacy and I landed in San Diego to interview and preach at a struggling church called Grace Church North County. Oh the memories...

A few bits to take you mind off of it all this weekend.

Bringing back the Epistle! I came across recommendations for the Epistle of Ignatius to Polycarp this week. An early second century exhortation to a leader in the church from another. it is well worth the read (five minutes max).

In a world of tweets and texts I think we have lost the longer form refreshment of the epistle. I am determined to bring it back! (Sorry to you whom received the first of such leaders from me!) Read Ignatius' here.

Next up, what about hospitality? Darryl Dash has a good post about the requirement that elders be hospitable and he unpacks it in a modern context.

“Radically ordinary hospitality is this: using your Christian home in a daily way that seeks to make strangers neighbors, and neighbors family of God,” writes Rosaria Butterfield. “It brings glory to God, serves others, and lives out the gospel in word and deed.” I can’t think of anything that’s more countercultural. And yet I can’t think of anything that is provides more opportunity for ministry to others and joy to ourselves.

Christians must be hospitable people, especially to the our neighbors and strangers. This is how the kingdom goes forth. Let's be about it. Get in on Radical Ordinary Hospitality here.

Then finally, keep you mind off of current events by shoring up your training for missional communities. Jonathan Dodson has compiled the training his church and ministry has facilitated and you can find it here.

Three sessions from an Acts 29 meeting that are sure to be worth the watch. Check them out here.

That's all I have for you today. We are enjoying (tenuously because of fire danger) Santa Ana winds in San Deigo County. May you weekend be filled with friends, reminders of grace and the worship of our Savior!


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