Worthwhile October 4, 2019

The first week of October not only brought cooler temps to SoCal (do't worry it warms up tomorrow) but a sense that people are exhausted. We are in need of rest, in need of the enthusing only God can provide.

I am praying that you find that rest and renewal this weekend. Endeavor toward it. Slow down. Sit around a table with friends and laugh. Eat delicious food. And take naps. I will try to do the same!

For your reading we start with darkness and tend brighter with three bits to check in on.

This week the New York Times posted an in-depth report on the prevalence of imagery and exchange of child sexual abuse. Technology has made it easier and the sickness has spread over the last decade. It is gross. If anyone suggests evil does not exists ask them what they would call torturing children for pleasure.

It is a dark reality that our law enforcement needs more resources to attack. We also need spiritual conviction and repentence... revival in our land. As I engage with books lamenting the loss of free play for kids and unsupervised decision making, I get excited to give my kids more freedom, then I read reports like this and I won't let them out of my sight.

Read it. Pray. Think of how you can act for change.

Next is how we contribute online. At a meeting last night a colleague mentioned that she has a staff member who left Facebook because she was only using it to be angry and stir up strife.

Justin Taylor has shared some tips from Paul D. Miller, a professor at Georgetown University who too k party in a significant study.

We sketch here an initial draft of recommendations to structure future conversations. We do not mean to bind the conscience of any believer and we recognize that most of the issues we address here lie in the realm of wisdom and prudence. We put forward these ideas as the best practices from what we have seen, observed, and heard during this project. These are not rules for righteousness, but practices of discipleship and character formation we think are uniquely suited to the challenges of the age we are living through.

The tips are in line with where we get news, seeking out difference and attending church. See all seven here.

Finally, a really good sermon from Andrew Wilson. He was at The Villiage Church in Dallas and spoke on life in the Spirit. I have had a few conversations about this very thing this week and I thought he gave great clues and encouragement toward yielding to the Spirit for all of life. Give it a watch or listen.


Enjoy the weekend. Run to Jesus. Rejoice. See you soon.


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